Are you wondering what it means to #PutYourHandUp?

Well, maybe it’s time to find out

If you’re Stuck, Exhausted, or just Want More out of Life

Or if the ground under your feet is shifting too fast for you to keep up

Join us for a one day event that will blow your mind and open your heart.

In 2016, Resilient Leaders Foundation conducted the first #PutYourHandUp tour of Australia.




James is a man, so he speaks to men, and from a man’s perspective.

But whether you’re a man or a woman,


It will provide you with resources, skills and structures

to create sustainable transition

from where you are to where you want to be.





Together with Kirsty, James has overcome PTSD, obligation, depression and ‘stuckness’ to create a life of harmony and emotional connection. James and Kirsty’s story, from differing perspectives, has been featured widely across Australian media platforms, and James now has a strong following worldwide.


They have been featured in various publications in Australia and around the world and, if you haven’t seen it, you can get a good idea when you watch this video by Emily Verdouw from Huffington Post Australia.

Watch the video here

Come and join us live, and feel the power of James’ and Kirsty’s messages in person.

And connect with a whole community of support, connection and conversation

Your Investment is $47 per ticket

Here’s what you’ll get:

cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngLearn how to overcome self-defeating patterns of behaviour, so you can bring balance to your life, release the guilt and do what you’re here to do


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngUnderstand what ‘real’ masculinity is, so you can feel more confident, more resilient and more dynamic


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngDiscover how you can better communicate with those you love, so your relationships become more harmonious


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngConnect more with your emotional nature, so you can gain greater clarity around your purpose and vocation


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngDecide how you can best integrate your gifts into your own life, and into your community, so you feel more powerful.


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngYou will hear from real people, having real conversations, who will provide you with real solutions, gained through personal experience.



which you can begin to use every day


You will also meet a whole community of local support in your local area – people who can help you on your journey. They are people who will be there when you need them; and who can be a sounding board of support and accountability as you move forward.

But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what others have said about the event.

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