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Carly Evans. Phoenix Transformation

coach-carlycarlyCarly Evans is a Transformational Life Coach and Reiki Teacher in Perth Australia. She runs Coach Carly and Phoenix Transformation, specialising in coaching people through change and trauma into transformation, and teaching Reiki workshops as well as giving energy treatments across Perth.

Carly has a wealth of experience having worked in forensic psychology, mental health and corrections as well as coaching and the world of energy work.

Carly’s online program, From Surviving to Thriving, aims to teach new tools to those who are struggling to cope with life’s changes and traumas, so they can close to door on their past and move forward to a future full of hope, positive change and transformation.

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Safe4Kids is a Western Australian (WA) organisation which specialises in child protection education.

The distinctive programmes delivered by Safe4Kids are specifically designed as a preventative measure to combat child abuse by providing children with clear messages regarding inappropriate behaviour. This allows them to identify unsafe situations and seek help immediately – and to persist in seeking help until they feel safe again. This educational approach emphasises that should anyone suffer unwanted touching, it isn’t the recipient’s fault, and that they have every right to have this situation dealt with.

In many circumstances, protective behaviours education is introduced to children after a critical incident has occurred, and whilst these important life skills are valuable for all children at all times, the strength of protective behaviours lies in empowering the children themselves to be proactive about their own safety before a crisis develops.

14100373_1262326427134843_6105767546893744_nSafe4Kids has some wonderful education resources, for families and schools, which can be purchased at their website.

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Olivia Antonic – Excellence For You

Being a ‘woman’ in the Real Estate industry for more than 3 decades I have not only survived but thrived, consistently among the top achievers whilst having ‘interesting’ personal challenges at home as a daughter, wife and mother. Whilst all those years in Real Estate, as the experienced member of the team I was frequently mentoring the newcomers to the industry on informal basis.

Now, I am a business owner, co-author, Real Estate professional and under the umbrella of my Excellence For You Life Coaching I apply several different modalities with my clients including Dr John Demartini’s Method, Hypnotherapy and NLP, presenting at seminars and holding various workshops nationwide. I now love ‘paying it forward’ and sharing my experiences with women with a view of contributing to their growth and evolution and showing them how to shatter those, often self imposed ‘Glass Ceilings’ that women, world wide and throughout history have been banging their heads and hearts against. We have the unique Feminine Power to set ourselves free! Ongoing learning is essential for effective implementation, personal evolution and self esteem. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to assist and it is my pleasure to make a difference.

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