This is your opportunity to become involved in a game changing movement for Men’s Health and Family Unity.


The family unit is under threat. The biggest killer of men age under 45 is suicide; the divorce rate is on the increase, as are social issues such as domestic violence and drug addiction. The current media campaigns are predominantly shame fear based and therefore not addressing causal issues for a successful resolution.

But these are all symptoms to a deeper issues that aren’t being so readily talked about:

cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngThe colloquial understanding of masculinity is flawed and has resulted in men with no emotional connection to themselves and their families.

cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngDepression, addiction and violence are underpinned by emotional detachment or hijacking, yet Men struggle to understand or deal with their emotions.

cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngMany men are living a life without purpose; an element critical to an individual’s resilience.


Awareness Campaigns are every where quoting alarming statistics, but where is the tangible support that breaks through to the people in need and utilises networks already doing great work?

In our personal and professional experience, it often takes a catastrophic event to make men ask for help. So often they’ve developed coping strategies so rigid they don’t even realise how much pain they’re in.

The Solution:

Only an individual can heal themselves and it starts with them owning their situation.

That’s where we come in.

We’re running a series of one-day Workshops around the country tailored specifically to assist men:

cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngunderstand what’s going on for them so they are no longer confused;


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pnglearn how to connect emotionally to release the pain they currently experience;


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngeducate their partners helping to heal their relationship;


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngdevelop a framework as a family to move into the future and build a better life; and


cropped-Take_Action_opt-1-1.pngbring together people/organisations/groups within the community who are already helping so the men can develop a support network to assist them create sustainable change into the future.

The Locations:

This tour is going around Australia to the following:

Brisbane: 7th Oct                                      Sydney: 25th Nov

Ipswich: 9th Oct                                       Newcastle: 27th Nov

Mackay: 23rd Oct                               Melbourne: 9th Dec

Cairns: 30th Oct                                       Horsham, Vic: 11th Dec

Perth: 6th Nov                                          Traralgon, Vic: 14th – 15th Dec

How You Can Get Involved:

To ensure as many people as possible can benefit from this event we need your support. This can be done through assisting in any of the following areas:

  • Assist in promotion of the activity through your networks to give as many men and their families the opportunity to attend;
  • Provision of catering support.
  • Provision of Venue, including AV Support;
  • Accommodation for our team for the event;
  • Hire car for the team;
  • Catering for the event – either Morning and Afternoon Tea, or Lunch as well; and/or
  • Financial assistance to conduct the tour.
Partnership Level Contribution
Silver Between the value of $500 – $5000
Gold Between the value of $5,000 – $10,000
Platinum Between the value of $10,000 – $20,000
Partnership Level Opportunity
Silver Our sincere thanks and mention at the event.

The invitation to put promotional material at the event.


4 Available

Inclusive of Silver; and

Keynote presentation by James to your organisation.


2 Available

Inclusive of Silver and;

Partnership status on all promotional material on the tour.

A one-day Resilient Leadership training event specifically tailored for your team/organisation by our team.

Who Are We And Why Can We Help?

12439520_10153337310668365_9203741246951241480_nWell let’s let Huffington Post answer the question about would we are. Click on the photo and listen to our story.

But our story is only where it starts. We’ve been assisting men, women, families and young men for over seven years now, to understand themselves better and build better relationships, businesses and lives in general.

James and Kirsty have worked extensively with individuals from all walks of life, and organisatons from small to large in structure. These include the NRL, Qld Rugby League, AbiGroup Constructjames-and-the-wandererson, Dept of Defence and Dept of Veteran Affairs, State Water NSW, FBAA, Newcastle Wanderers Rugby Club and Maleny River School.

To contact us please email the address in the video.