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 Mike Campbell – Man Coach 


Mike is passionate about helping men break free of the ‘Mediocre-Man Treadmill’ cycle, address what is truly important to YOU and then making it happen.

His work provides an environment for men to uncover what’s holding you back, to work out what success looks like to YOU, and then provide you with the tools to make that ideal picture of success a reality.

Mike helps you work out what it is to be your own man in today’s fast paced and often confusing world.

He challenges you to drop the false self and show up in the world as you – 100% YOU.

Mike helps you gain clarity, direction and purpose in your life; gaining self worth and personal significance.

He helps you gain control of the constant demands on your time and energy, and the personal power that comes with that.

He provides you with a framework and system to create this change in your life and take consistent action towards a life you’ll LOVE. It needn’t be grand or change the world, but it will change YOUR world.

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Clint Seares – The Way Aheadwayaheadacademy_logo


Clint Seares is a coach and speaker who helps his clients meet the challenges of change.

Change can eitherhappen to us (which feels like a crisis) or we might want to change but can’t get started (which feels like being stuck). Clint will help you build internal resources and remove interferences so that you can find your way ahead.

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Patrick Gregson – Relationship Mastery


If you don’t know us yet, we are Patrick & Priscilla. 

Passionate about inspiring others to bring in a new paradigm of conscious fulfilling love! Relationships full of love, joy, passion & intimacy. We are a twin flame couple and have an incredible story of love that started when we met at 14!
Fast forward through different relationships and yes even marriage and divorce, we now live our dreams of helping others to mastery in this area of their lives. We have 4 gorgeous sensitive but strong minded boys and live in sunny Australia.
We love coaching & mentoring couples & singles to greater depths in either current relationships or attracting a fulfilling new relationship. 
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The Third Way – India de Vienne


_mg_0338-editIndia de Vienne is a former police employee and kinesiologist who advocates for emergency service wellbeing. She offers Skype and in-person kinesiology consultations as well as her online wellness course called Crisis to Connection.
In India’s personal work with you she demonstrates and shares the interconnectedness of our emotions, our diet, our perceptions, our beliefs, our environment with our happiness, our energy levels and our health.
India is passionate about dispelling the myths about mental health and developing personalised self-care plans and inspiring others to find what works best for them.
During the 6 week Crisis to Connection program you will learn how to take care of yourself immediately after a crisis, how to improve and broaden your support networks, an introduction to alternative health options available, and the power of openness and gratitude.
Benefits of working through this material include:
  • a greater sense of control of how we respond to situations and the life choices we make
  • a greater understanding of what triggers us (and it isn’t as obvious as you think!)
  • a better understanding of ourselves and what brings us joy and makes us feel authentic
  • more options and pathways for better emotional and physical health
  • a more compassionate understanding towards ourselves and those around us
  • improved relationships
  • easier decision making

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Body of Life Health Centre

 “Equipping you to live your healthiest and best life”
Body of Life Health Centre is a provider of excellence in health services and education, servicing the Northern Beaches and North Shore.

We exist to equip you to live your healthiest and best life and we are a multidisciplinary team of health practitioners that provide a range of services to you, your family and the local community.

We have a client centred approach to our business and have successfully expanded our service offerings due to the growing demand for holistic, integrative and quality care. We value professionalism, integrity, collaboration, excellence and respect in all of our interactions with our clients, our team and the community.

Our services include Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Dry Needling, Psychology, Massage, Acupuncture and Health & Wellness Coaching.

We inspire, equip, educate and support you to make the changes you need to feel your best!

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