Contributing Supporters

Thank you for considering a contribution to Resilient Leaders Foundation’s #PutYourHandUp campaign.

This one day workshop is the spearhead of Resilient Leaders Foundation’s Community Empowerment Program.

When we first began this campaign in 2016, Resilient Leaders Foundation was awaiting registration status as a national charity. We did not receive that status until May 2017, yet people still gave to the project!

We were so grateful.

And now, we are grateful again, to those who choose to support Resilient Leaders Foundation to empower Australian families with the tools they need to create more harmonious families.

We are now classified as a DGR Tier 1 charity, which means that if you choose to support our work with a donation, you will be provided with a receipt for tax purposes. 


We know you’re a person who is happy to give without the expectation of receiving, but we believe in paying it forward, so if you make a donation we want to give back to you. Here’s what you may receive:


$1 – $29 You will receive the e-book “Resilient Relationships – How To Live in Harmony … And Better Understand Those You Love”, by James and Kirsty Greenshields”

This book was created using the principles we teach in our workshops, and retreats. Parents who have attended Young Warrior Parent workshops have told us this e-book has changed the way they interact in their family.

We want you to have this and create greater harmony for your family too! And feel free to pass it on to others you believe could use it!



$29 – $50 We want to give you “The Quick Start Guide To Perfect Health – 21 Days to Change Your Life“, by Kirsty Greenshields ND

This is a comprehensive 21 Day guide to help you change your habits, so you are doing more of what you want to do, rather than living on auto-pilot.

It uses basic practices, and some of my basic naturopathic knowledge, to improve your spirit, emotions and body.

(You will also receive the e-book, “Resilient Relationships – How To Live in Harmony and Better Understand Those You Love“, by James and Kirsty Greenshields



$50 – $199 You will receive the PutYourHandUp resources toolkit.



We will send you a link to download everything in this toolkit, which includes:


  1. Aligning Yourself With What You Want“, by James Greenshields
  2. The Quick Start Guide To Perfect Health“, by Kirsty Greenshields
  3. Women, Money and Intimacy – How To Create Real Wealth In Your Life“, by Kirsty Greenshields
  4. “Resilient Relationships – – How To Live in Harmony and Better Understand Those You Love” , by James and Kirsty Greenshields

Guided Visualisations by Kirsty:

  1. Beautiful You
  2. Focused Breathing
  3. Relaxation
  4. Reset Your Health Blueprint

Guided Warrior Visualisations by James:

  1. Connection
  2. Purpose
  3. Relaxation
  4. Self-image

Guided Anger Video Tutorial by James



$200 or more will mean we sign you up to receive our 12 part e-course, The Next Step

It was created especially for people who had attended the #PutYourHandUp workshops last year. You will receive regular video tutorials from Kirsty and James, providing instruction about topics which assist you gain greater connection and clarity.

Each video tutorial is accompanied by an integrative exercise.

When you follow the course you WILL change your life.



If you would like to become a monthly partner in Resilient Leaders Foundation’s mission to empower young people, their families and communities with the resources, skills and structures they need to contribute to a more sustainable humanity and planet, please click here to be redirected to Resilient Leaders Foundation‘s primary website.